BT2i, Business & Technology Intelligence for Innovation, is an innovation consultancy, headquartered in the Paris area, specialized in technology and business intelligence. For over 35 years, the BT2i team helps to connect offers and demands for innovation at the international level.

BT2i has been founded in 2015 by the former co-founder of the pioneering Innovation 128 in the early 80’s. BT2i is formed with a team of 70 full and part-time Sr. Consultants, Sr. Advisors and international correspondents. Some of them have a 30-year experience in producing together Techno Scouting, Technology Intelligence, Technology marketing and international Technology Transfer added value services.

BT2i mainly works in 4 areas: Advanced Materials & Processes, Eco-Innovation & Energies, Industry X.0, Pharma-Biotech Health & Nutrition.

One of the BT2i’s activities is dedicated to operating the TWatch™ serie, Multi-Partner Technology Intelligence Programs addressing Materials & Processes, Eco-innovation and Energies.

TWatch™ is a Multi-Partner Technology Intelligence program with high added value, allowing accelerating and deepening technology scouting by sharing costs.

TWatch™ Programs provide its Members on a continuous basis with the latest information on forthcoming innovations, market developments, regulations and trends duly selected by international experts.
In 2021, BT2i is currently running seven different TWatch Programs:
• Greener Plastics: TWatch Greener Plastics is focused on sustainable innovation-driven solutions, and its Watch Territory includes topics on bioplastics, biocomposites, natural fibers, non-toxic plastics and substitution of chemicals, recycled plastics, “plastic-free” materials, case studies by sectors (packaging, transport …), new regulations, and trends, as well as market data. TRL 1 to 9 is considered, from lab to market.

And 6 other programs are the following:
• Surface Engineering
• Non Destructive Testing
• Additive Manufacturing
• Multi-Material Joining
• Multi-Functional Materials
• CCUS, Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage.

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