We are a 100% private equity-based company focused on creating sustainable biomaterials. We offer novel products from a renewable secondary use biomass to open up new frontiers for many industries.

We partner with businesses looking to make bold advances in the production of recyclable materials. We supply our biomaterials and expertise they need to help them meet their goals.

We help industries to do more with less.

Our products:


LIGNOVA™ Crude: Our hydrolysis lignin product LIGNOVA™ Crude retains its native properties with a mild extraction process without a sulfuric smell. In wood, lignin holds together cellulose, and we’ve learned it can also be used as a binder for thermosetting and thermoplastic materials, plywoods or floral foams.

LIGNOVA™ Pure: LIGNOVA™ Pure has high functionality, reactivity, and good solubility in many solvents with the salts and cellulosic residues removed. Polyols, polyurethanes, and carbon fibers are just a few potential areas of application for such high purity material.


Our fractionation plant enables to produce environmentally friendly wood sugars – C5 and C6.

C5 Sugar: Our pretreatment process liberates most xylose present in wood in 20 seconds. After purification, the C5 sugar xylose is processed into low-calorie sweetener for food and beverages and is also applicable in the animal feed industry, pet food production, and even pharmaceuticals.

C6 Sugar: The main carbohydrate in hardwood is glucose. After our proprietary pretreatment process, we liberate the C6 sugars with a biological enzymatic process. The resulting product is the most versatile as it is an ideal substitute for common agricultural sugars.


Natural microcrystalline cellulose (MCC)
With our unique fractionation process, we break down wood into micro-scale particles. Fractionation solubilizes amorphous regions of the cellulose and allows us to produce crystalline cellulose particles.

Refined MCC
With bleaching and purification, we remove any residual lignin from the microcrystalline cellulose to produce a white product suitable for emulsification of food, cosmetics and other applications.

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