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Industrielle Biotechnologie Bayern Netzwerk GmbH (IBB)

Developing biobased and at the same time degradable plastics; converting greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into environmentally friendly products; replacing conventional, petroleum-based goods with renewable raw materials – what almost sounds like visions of the future are in reality some fields of work of industrial biotechnology. Since 2008, Industrielle Biotechnologie Bayern (IBB) Netzwerk GmbH has been actively committed to the associated change towards a sustainable society and greater independence from fossil raw materials. Similar to a catalyst, the network and service company supports and accelerates technology transfer from laboratory to market.
The ideal of sustainable economy is an ambitious goal, which IBB Netzwerk GmbH has been actively supporting for over a decade now with various instruments and measures. The company works in particular in the fields of bioplastics development, residue/waste processing, carbon dioxide recycling, digitization of biotechnology and proteins for industrial application.