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Our customers are working in the development of cutting-edge fibre products for a more sustainable future, and we support them from the first laboratory tests to the modular construction of their production lines. Designing special equipment and fully engineered solutions is our passion. With their broad experience in all spinning technologies, DIENES engineers will help you turn your ideas into functioning plants

Innovation in Biobased Fibre Products
Cellulosic fibre products pose a big technological challenge as growing demands on the varying quality of biobased (virgin or recycled) feedstock and the achievement of a consistent fibre performance require a continuous development and optimisation of both technology and production parameters. As a result, DIENES is constantly expanding its know-how to better support its customers in developing new products and processes. Innovative products like precursor yarns for carbon fibres made from biobased raw materials are produced and improved with DIENES spinning systems.

MultiMode® – Research 4.0
A reliable development of textile and technical filament yarns demands an efficient, systematic and, in part, self-optimising experimental working system, which must be intelligent in gathering data from the process and flexible in enabling the rearrangement of the process. DIENES’s approach to meet such demands is called MultiMode®.

In a MultiMode® plant, each process step is represented by a module which can be individually adapted to customer-specific requirements and has its own decentralised control. Thus, a modular production line consists of several intelligent units which can be easily exchanged and rearranged at any time with a reduced programming effort. Moreover, all production parameters can be permanently visualised and recorded, enabling a complete traceability of the process.

Highest Engineering Standards
Our engineering and quality criteria meet the highest standards, such as enabling a complete traceability of all process data. Recently, DIENES has successfully delivered a wet spinning plant to a manufacturer of pharmaceutical products. This plant was validated according to GMP guidelines and GAMP standards. Thus, we are now a qualified partner for customers from the pharmaceutical and biomedical sector.

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