Exhibition booking

Companies that would like to book an exhibition booth (6m2) can do so for the price of 1,400 EUR (excl. 19% VAT).
Included in the booth fee is one conference ticket. The conference exhibition is located prominently within the conference hall so interaction with the participants is guaranteed. Just have a look at the exhibition booth plan below.

Only exhibitor or also sponsor?

Learn more about our various sponsoring options and its benefit for your company! For all sponsors the exhibition booth is included in the sponsoring package.

Your stand booking consists of:

One table (1,40 m x 0,80 m), tablecloths and two chairs
Pinboard (1,20 m width x 2 m height)
Power socket (240 V).

You are also welcome to make use of your own booth system.

For your exhibition stand booking or further questions, please contact

Guido Müller +49 151 41 42 30 19 / guido.mueller@nova-institut.de or
Dominik Vogt dominik.vogt@nova-institut.de

Exhibition booth plan

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Free Booked Reserved for sponsors (Become a sponsor)

Some of your personal information (name, company, city, country) will be published on the participant list.

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