GIG Karasek – Specialist for Recoveries

Our planet is full of liquid industrial (waste) streams which lead to problematic situations on a global scale.

Through using energy-optimized thermal separation technologies (evaporation, distillation and drying) almost all medias could be processed by GIG Karasek technologies.
Centered in the DACH Region, GIG Karasek designs and fabricates industrial plants for generations to come. By employing highly experienced senior personnel and a global sales network, all industrial plant solutions can be realized globally in pulp, food, agro, chemical, fibre and pharmaceutical industries.

Technology from GIG Karasek, the experts for concentration and distillation of liquid medias.

Concentrating the Essentials


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Product Portfolio:


  • Falling Film Evaporators
    • Plate Type (e.g. Pulp & Fibre Industries)
    • Tube Type (e.g. Starch Industries)
  • Thin Film Evaporators (e.g. used as in Tall Oil Refineries)
  • Short Path Evaporators

Dryers (Vertical, Horizontal)

Evaporation Technologies:

  • Multiple Effect Evaporation Plants
  • Mechanical Vapor Recompression
  • Thermal Vapor Recompression

Stripping Columns (e.g. for Methanol Stripping)

Possible Scope of GIG Karasek:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Process Engineering (Basis, Detail)
  • Plant Layout & Planning
  • Project Management
  • Production of Core Components (e.g. Falling Film Evaporators)
  • Handgling Sub-Supply of different items (depending on location and project)
    • e.g. Steel Structure, Piping, Insulation, (Shells)
  • Installation / Installation Supervision
  • Commissioning / Start-Up / Training
  • Service

Sizes of Deliveries:

  • Single Apparatouses
  • Skid Units
  • Revamps / Debottlenecking / Extensions
  • New Plants (up to EPC delivery)

Applications and Industries:

  • Fibre Industry (Recovery of Solvents in Wet Fibre Processes such as DMAC/DMF, NMP, Trichlorethylene, Ionic Liquids and many more)
  • Pulp Industry (Concentration of Sulphite Spent Liquor, Black Liquor, Tall Oil Fractionation, Concentration of Bleachery Waste Water, Recovery of different valueble constituents (Biorefinery Applications))
  • Starch Industry (Concentration of Waste Water – Wheat/Corn/Potato Process)
  • Chemical Industry (Recovery of valueable solvents)
  • Food Industry (Extraction of valueable ingredients)
  • Waste Water (Recuction of Volume, Recovery of Water and other Solvents)


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