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Circular Economy and Recyclability of Fibres

Cellulose Fibres Conference 2024

13-14 March 2024 – hybrid event (on site and online), Cologne (Germany)

The conference will showcase the most successful solutions based on cellulose fibres that are currently available on the market.

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Circular Economy & Recyclability of Fibres

Fast fashion and overconsumption of textiles over the last three decades has led to an ever increasing amount of textile waste, which poses a threat to the environment on many levels. However, discarded textiles have also been recognized as an important and abundant material resource. Cellulosic fibres, mainly cotton but also manufactured cellulose fibres (MCFs), can be converted into a pulp-like feedstock for the production of new MCFs.

The session's distinguished speakers will present strategies and technologies for recycling cellulosic textiles as well as some more exotic sources of cellulose such as banknotes. In order to meet future demands, especially from legislation and consumers, the industry needs to move from a linear to a circular economy, which requires recycling. This has led to research and development of innovative technologies within the industry seeking support to scale up their processes.
This transformation also requires extensive collaboration between all stakeholders in the textile value chain. Concrete examples of what future processes will look like will be provided by the session speakers.

Michael Hummel

Aalto University (FI)

Spun Dyed Lyocell-type Fibres from Colored Textile Waste


Elina Pesonen

Andritz (AT/FI)

New Opportunities in the Circular Textile Ecosystem

Edvin Bågenholm-Ruuth

Lund University

A Solution to Textile Waste: Using an Inorganic Molten Salt Hydrate as a Cellulose Solvent for Textile Recycling


Inge Schlapp-Hackl

Aalto University

Lyocell-type Fibres from Banknotes by Means of Ioncell® Technique


Heli Kangas

Valmet Technologies

Towards Scale-up – Challenges and Opportunities for Industry in Cellulosic Textile Fibre Production and Recycling


Cellulose Fibre Innovation of the Year 2024: Nominated Innovations Range from Resource-efficient and Recycled Fibres for Textiles and Building Panels to Geotextiles for Glacier Protection

Six award nominees present innovative and sustainable solutions for various industries in the cellulose fibre value chain. The full economic potential of the cellulose fibre industry will be introduced to a wide audience that will vote for the winners in Cologne (Germany), and online.




The nova-Institute would like to thank the key players in the cellulose fibre industry for supporting the conference: Andritz (AT), Birla Purocel (IN), Kemira (FI), Lenzing (AT), List Technology (CH) for supporting the conference as Gold Sponsors and Dienes Apparatebau (DE) and Kelheim Fibres (DE) who supporting the event as Bronze Sponsors. The innovation award “Cellulose Fibre Innovation of the Year 2024” is sponsored by GIG Karasek (AT).
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Companies that would like to book an exhibition booth (6m2) can do so for the price of 1,400 EUR (excl. 19% VAT). Included in the booth fee is one conference ticket. The conference exhibition is located prominently within the conference hall so interaction with the participants is guaranteed. Further information here.

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