GIG Karasek

GIG Karasek – Concentrating the Essential


GIG Karasek is a globally acting Austrian supplier of high-quality industrial plants for thermal separation- and environmental technologies. We focus on the design and manufacturing of falling-film, thin-film-, short-path-, distillation and drying technology and offer a patented solution for transforming CO2 into valuable products. Furthermore, we run an own technical center for trials and R&D as well as two manufacturing sites in Austria.
Our machinery and plants are mainly applied in the production processes of the pulp (kraft, sulfite, dissolving), (bio)refinery, fiber, alternative fuel, chemical, (bio)plastic, food and feed industries, as well as for processing industrial wastewater.
GIG Karasek, part of Dr. Aichhorn Group, has completed numerous projects around the globe – ranging from pilot plants and skid units to turnkey plants on an EPC basis.